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I have healed, I am healing, and I will continue to heal.

As you read on the home page, I am a survivor of complex trauma. My experience gives me deep compassion for as well as understanding of women who have complex trauma as part of their story. I have hard-earned confidence that while trauma may be a part of your experience, it is not the end of your story. You are not defined by what has happened to you, and you have choice and voice in how you move forward. I continue to learn greater insights into the lifestyle of healing - I have healed, I am healing, and I will continue to heal. I know you may not be at this place in your life yet,    but I believe in your future and I have great hope for your healing. 

My trauma is not the most important part of me, so let me share precious information that tells you more about me:       I have six amazing adult children, three sons and three daughters. I have three beautiful granddaughters. I played basketball, softball, volleyball, and tennis growing up (I ran track in junior high, but that was just to get out of school    all day for the meets). My kids all played competitive sports, and I learned soccer and (one season of) lacrosse from  them. My undergraduate degree is from the University of Oklahoma, and I love all Sooner sports. I was at the championship games in 2022 and 2023 when the OU women’s softball team won the Women’s College World Series! #boomer (You are supposed to respond to that by yelling “Sooner!”) After a recent epic OU football victory, I sent a text to my 22-year-old daughter and ended it with “#boomer.” Her response was “#genz.” I’m not sure if that was her intelligent  humor or my parenting fail!


  • Masters of Science (M.S.A.C.E.)
  • Trauma-trained (A.A.C.C.)
  • Certified Mental Health Coach (B.C.M.M.H.C.)
  • Certified Youth Mental Health Coach (B.C.M.M.H.C.)
  • Trauma and abuse coach and educator
  • Published author
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